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Texas Amendment:No Facebook for Jurors

December 17, 2010

An amendment to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure proposes to spell out for jurors that they shouldn’t be discussing their case on “Facebook, MySpace or Twitter” along with other social networking websites.

While I applaud this effort and imagine that other states will follow suit, I do wonder if it will be enough to curb this bad behavior. It’s not like jurors can be confused.  How could it be not okay to discuss a case with your spouse but okay on Facebook?  I think these rules will have to get tougher to have any real impact.

Will social media force change on jury trials?

May 30, 2010

This is an intriguing idea but maybe the notion of jurors living in a complete blackout during trial is no longer practical in the age of social networking and maybe not even beneficial for justice.

Long, long ago, juries weren’t isolated from all information while deliberating but were kept free from conflicts of interest.  Now, that such isolation is increasingly impractical, maybe we should consider returning to a different notion of what constitutes a fair and impartial jury.