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Why New Legal Social Networking Sites Fail

May 14, 2011

Welcome to Lawford which is a new social networking website that promises easy profile creation as it’s differentiator.  But as Robert Ambrogi suggests, lawyer social networking platforms maybe easy to use and still fail.  Why?  Because there has to be a powerful incentive to belong to yet another social network – legal or not.  So I quickly filled out my profile on Lawford and now what?  Supposedly, I will be able to connect with other lawyers and how is the different from LinkedIn?


Lawyers hate having to pay for and track their hours.  Why not create a social networking website that by joining it you get a significant discount and a way to track and submit CLE hours to your State Bar?   Lawyers need to get something big in order to be convinced to join yet another social networking website and CLE might just be the ticket to get them to such a site in droves.