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Newspapers embrace the web

December 20, 2008

But is it enough?

Here are some key finding from the 2008 Bivings Report, a survey of what newspapers are doing online.

*70% of newspapers allow users to comment on article up from 33% in 2007.

*Registration requirements have fallen to 11% from 29% in 2007.

*100% of newspapers have RSS feeds as well as feature online advertising.

*58% allow for user generating content; photos, videos or articles up from 24% last year.

The problem is that newspapers in every case are behind the curve, are responding where web-only sites have been for much longer and it raises the question, what makes the newspapers better than Dailykos, HuffingtonPost, Drudge report, the Associate Press website?  If newsPAPERS were about the efficient and attractive dissemination of hardcopy news, what is their value proposition without that?  One argument is that they have trained reporters and editors who offer a much high caliber of reporting than a “blogger.”  True, but there is nothing about the web that prevents quality reporting.  So then the question comes again to why newsPAPERS?   I don’t see an answer which is why I cite back to my previous post on this matter:

Newspapers the way of vaudeville?