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Women utilizing Craigslist sex ads

February 1, 2009

Update:  Ohio 4th grade school teacher skipped out on a half day of work to trick in a nearby motel.  Police set up a sting by answering her Craigslist ad.


A TV station in North Carolina noticed an increasing number of sex ads on Craigslist and decided to investigate.  They talked with a woman named “Kelly” who has been advertising on Craigslist for years and makes between $1.5 and $2k a week.  Her clients included government officials including a police officer.  She says, “[men] could be to their last $200 in the bank and they would give it to me.”

A local police chief was asked in the article if prostitution is a victimless crime and he said,

“Someone always gets hurt. There is a spouse involved, there is a child involved. There is money being exchanged. Just like for drugs. There’s money being taken out of a home to purchase services that needs to be placed in a home. There’s never a victimless crime.”

Couldn’t that quote be applied to divorce?  Why not make that illegal?


Lawsuit: No Video Poker in NC!

November 18, 2008

Might be wishful thinking but lawsuit claims that since video poker is now illegal in North Carolina, it shouldn’t be legal for native american tribes either.  I don’t think this lawsuit is about the evils of video poker so much as the evils of native americans cashing in where others can’t. 


US & North Carolina Sue Plantation Pipeline for Jet Fuel Spill

November 6, 2008

Here is the complaint from Western District Court of North Carolina.

Good source for background on a company’s history with environmental issues is to search the EPA.