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Beware economic stimulus scams

March 3, 2009

This appears to be the latest Internet rip-off that’s causing the FTC to expose the practices in a news conference Wednesday.

News conference details

Youtube downloads: Obama’s videos first

January 19, 2009

I needed a tie-in to the historic inauguration and here it is!  Youtube hasn’t allowed users to download videos to their computers until now.  Downloads have been possible only through 3rd party applications.


Here is an example of one:

Predicting the Vote: How I Did

November 5, 2008

Surprisingly well.  On the popular vote, I’m within a few tenths of a percentage points.  Obama looks like he is at 52.3 and I predicted 52.2.  McCain is at 46.4 and I predicted 45.9 so I was off less than 1 percent.  My electoral college prediction looks weaker.  I went for 311 and it looks like it will be 349.  Some close states like North Carolina and Indiana fell Obama’s way.  And Florida was an easier win than I thought it would be.  I look a little short on the Senate side; guessing 56 Dems and if I include Lieberman, its maybe 55.  House looks very close.  I guessed 255 and it looks to finish at about 253-255.

Randy Calls Election: Does Anybody Care?

November 4, 2008
Glad Voting Became Hip

Glad Voting Became Hip

Over at the DailyKos they had a contest for best prediction.  If I win, I get a toaster!  Or a mac, I forget.  Anyway, here are my numbers. 

Obama Popular Vote: 52.2 /McCain: 45.9

Obama Electoral Votes: 311/McCain: 227

Democratic Senate: 56  Republicans 44

Democratic House: 255 Republicans 180