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T.J. Maxx: $195 million on hacker protection

December 6, 2008

And it seems that’s not enough!  TJX, the parent company is squirelling away an additional $58 million against the possibility of more hacking.   Last year the company famously had more than 45 million credit card numbers stolen and I think they are a bit spooked.  I’m sure the lawsuits they’ve faced since that debacle have not helped.

Article   courtesy 10-Q Detective

Black Friday is cyber criminal holiday

December 6, 2008

Attempted online fraud rose 40% this year for transaction on the day after Thanksgiving.  States most frequently hit are Floriday and New York.  Givency perfume by Estee Lauder was the most frequentlyvirtually swiped item.  No word on the online fraud completion rate.