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Can You Delete Your Online Presence?

April 1, 2011

Not really but this is a thorough explanation of what is involved if you want to give that a go.  Many lawyers believe that they can simply avoid the Internet and social networking altogether.  If they do that, they reason, they won’t have to worry about what is said about them online.

Wrong.  With many sites like Yelp and Avvo, lawyers are no longer able to hide.  The California State Bar makes its membership directory searchable through Google.  So unless you want to go through the expense and time of deleting much of your Internet information, you are stuck being visible.  Better to embrace the online world and make it work for you instead of passively letting it work against you.

Protecting your online reputation

June 28, 2010

This post captures the top four things you can do to protect and and enhance your online reputation.  It covers writing a blog, Google alerts, Twitter and active use of social networking.  I would that you will add increase your visibility by tying your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn to your website.  Plus, you enhance your users’ experience with your website, giving them more links to engage with.

Recently, I heard a horror story from a professional who hired a substitute while she went out on leave and ended up having to fire that person.   The terminated professional took revenge on Yelp, posting one star reviews.   My friend was able to get Yelp to take down the fraudulent reviews but not without much pain and aggravation.