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Lawsuit: mob transmits death threats via iphone

July 19, 2009

Oddball lawsuit du jour:

“McKenna claims that an iPod shuffle he bought in 2005 via eBay and an iPod mini that he claims he bought in 2006 new from an Apple Store (note that the mini was discontinued eight months before he bought it) both contain illegal receivers that Apple built in the devices, ostensibly at the request of the Mob. He claims in his lengthy, 124-page complaint that, in 2008, he was able to record Mafia members sending death threats to his iPod mini stating, “I’m about to kill him,” in “unison” with a song he was listening to.

The complaint is so bizarre, so elaborate, I’m not sure whether to laugh at its absurdity or feel sorry for McKenna, who is representing himself in the lawsuit. However, here in Orbiting HQ we think this may top a lawsuit last year claiming Steve Jobs and Apple conspired with South Carolina correction officer to sexually harass an inmate with a prolific history of filing “creative” lawsuits.”