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December 13, 2008

I have followed these lawsuit and complaints for the past month or so.  I feel that the burden should be on the consumer to realize these are a scam.   I also feel that class actions should be used for significant public policy issues; like protecting, children, the elderly, the consumer against hazardous products, financial ripoffs that undermine economic security.  

Here is another view courtesy of JR Raphael of PC magazine which I will summarize as is a Internet pest, a bad business player that engages in sleazy practices and is unresponsive to consumers.  That’s not compelling to me as a reason to encourage class action lawsuits. 

Say there was a gym in your neighborhood and they sold you a monthly membership.  You had seen their sleazy ads, saw that the facilities weren’t top notch but you joined anyway.  Once there the machines often didn’t work, the hours sucked and there was no one to complain to.  Would you keep renewing your membership?  Tell others about this great gym you belong to?   So why is the Internet different?  Convince me.