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Portland Cement Association is national

March 19, 2009

Portland Cement Association


The Portland Cement Association represents cement companies in the United States and Canada. It conducts market development, engineering, research, education, and public affairs programs.

Associate membership: membership is unclear.  There is a membership home page and it looks like you can become a “member” by purchasing an item from their store but I couldn’t find anything on the website that discussed how that worked. “D”

Public membership directory: Yes and it a good tool for understanding the cement industry; can see what types of cements are manufactured, the states where the company is located and service area.  No individual contact information is provided. “B+”

National conference? Yes, and non-members can attend at nearly the same price as members, only a $100 difference. “A-”

Chapters?  Yes, they have regional councils.  “A-“

Industry news or reports? Yes, the website provides extensive information about the cement industry and related topics.  They also have a bookstore where more is available for purchase.  They also provide free newsletters on cement related topics.  “A”

Glossary?  Seems like they should but I didn’t find one. “D”

Provides a good sense of the industry? Yes, an excellent sense of the industry, the issues, public advocacy role. “A”

Overall:  This is a good industry site however its unclear how one becomes a member.  It appears to be a very public-facing association not one so concerned about serving a membership.