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Posting DUI arrests on web halted

March 10, 2010

According to this article, Honolulu’s police department is no longer posting photos and names of DUI arrests to a website.  The department claims that this is standard review for a pilot program that has been running for four months. 

However, the ACLU protested the effort as an invasion of privacy.  Even if the information was posted for a short time, social networking sites were re-publishing information making sure it had a much longer shelf life.  I have blogged about a couple Texas jurisdictions doing something similar using Twitter.

Drunk driving arrests to show up on Twitter

December 27, 2009

Montgomery County District Attorney plans to announce DUI arrests between Xmas and New Years on his Twitter page.   This CNET article turned me on to what appears to be a Texas trend of tweeting arrests.  Montgomery County just focuses on DUIs but Denton police posts all arrests though not names just the mug shots.

Denton’s approach seems fairer as why should more shame be applied to those arrested for DUIs’ than other types of arrests?

Austrialian police twitter re: drunk drivers

July 26, 2009

“More than 3,000 have signed up to receive the police tweets with one follower saying: “It’s like watching an episode of CSI” … more like Police Twitter Action!”


Police chief robbed at police convention

March 29, 2009

“I’m smooth”

This was the comment the 19 year old who held up a retired police chief in the restroom where 300 drug officers were convening for a seminar when he was predictably arrested.  Maybe he was being ironic.


Prostitute arrested after telling cops about her Craigslist ad

January 22, 2009

Maybe lying wouldn’t have helped this San Francisco prostitute who was spending some quality time in a Boston hotel entertaining clients she alerted to her presence through Craigslist.   Seems two of her prospective clients stole her laptop and wallet at gun-point.  When the police asked her how these men knew how to find her, she told them she had placed a sex ad on Craigslist and had already entertained one client for the evening.  At least make the cops work at their job.  Don’t make it so darn easy!