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Claims made that iPhones are overheating

June 2, 2009

“Apple recently announced that iPhone and iPod users could experience a small electrical shock when using ear buds. An annoyance, perhaps, but not as big as serious iPhone overheating. Over the last two years, there have been reported incidents of iPhones overheating.  Apparently the problem is still around, as I just heard from a major tech executive that his wife’s iPhone has been overheating, causing all the apps to close and the device to lock up.”


Suit: dead mouse in Mountain Dew

May 5, 2009


“A man says he found a dead mouse in a Mountain Dew can after drinking it and has sued PepsiCo and the store where he bought it. Ronald Ball says he got violently ill from drinking it, and when the can was poured into a cup, the dead mouse came out.
Ball sued PepsiCo, Pepsi Cola General Bottlers and Shop ‘N Save in Madison County Court. He says he bought the soda from a vending machine at a Shop ‘N Save, where he worked, on Nov. 10, 2008.”


Complaint courtesy Courthouse News

Hewlett Packard Notebooks Defective According to Lawsuit

November 11, 2008

Both HP and NVIDIA are being sued in San Jose Federal Court for selling laptops with faulty video cards.  The complaint makes it clear that this has been an ongoing problem but according to the Consumer Safety Practices Commission, these laptops haven’t been subject to recall.  Makes me wonder how significant this defect is.

Here is the complaint.  (Thanks CourthouseNews)