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Puppy mill suit against Petland not dead

August 11, 2009

“The suit was dismissed Friday by a federal judge in Phoenix who said the allegations were too general and that the complaint did not show that the plaintiffs were direct victims of the fraud that was alleged in the suit.
Judge David Campbell of U.S. District court in Phoenix gave the pet owners until Aug. 29 to file a revised complaint with more detailed allegations.”


More Petland horror stories

August 7, 2009

After the story about drowned rabbits, more people are speaking out about what happens at Petland stores:

“One person claiming to be a former Petland employee writes, “[I] used to work at a Petland … and [I] can totally relate to this picture … The stores … have puppies dying all the time, due to not having water and food. [T]he kennel techs are untrained and underpaid and they get back at the company by not taking care of the animals! … [A]ll Petlands should be shut down or the animals should all be taken away. [A]ll they care about is money, money, money!”

Another writes, “I used to work for Petland … I ended up being let go, because I refused to … [p]ut dying hamsters, parakeets, … kittens, [and] small puppies in plastic bags and put them in the freezer, and let [animals] breed rampantly. I also got in trouble for … wasting company money by cleaning animal cages that were out of customer sight …”

And yet another writes, “I opened the freezer once and there were frozen snakes in there. I asked what they were … They said they weren’t paying the vet to treat [the animals], so they put them to sleep in there. Rats and mice, hamsters and gerbils, and other small critters were always committing cannibalism, because of lack of food, and not having enough space.”


Petland store goes out of business

July 13, 2009

“A Blount County pet store targeted by protesters earlier this year is going out of business.

The Blount County Humane Society accused the Maryville Petland store of
supporting puppy mills in January; however the store management calls those allegations false.

Managers say the economy, not the protest, is closing the doors.”