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Antitrust suits not new for Qualcomm

November 20, 2008

Its been awhile since I’ve mentioned the power of SEC filings for analyzing a business from its litigation perspective so I thought I’d use the recent Qualcomm antitrust suit as an opportunity.

The company’s most recent 10-K was filed just in September and they do an excellent job of outlining their litigation, giving dates, courts, case names.  Two things standout; they are in fierce competition with Broadcom Corporation as they are involved in both patent infringement and antitrust lawsuits with them.  The second thing is that everyone is coming after them for antitrust violations in countries such as Japan and Korea.  The EU has also been handling claims made by a range of companies. 

They are also famous in legal circles as the poster child of what not to do in terms of e-discovery related to their litigation with Broadcom.  Sanctions anyone?  Ouch.

Lawsuit claims Qualcomm a monopoly

November 19, 2008

Because of their control over the CDMA market, the technology for most wireless communications, they can force manufacturers and others to adhere to long term anti-competitive contracts according to the lawsuit.   This isn’t a government investigation so it will be interesting to see the impact of the lawsuit.  Also, they aren’t suing under the federal Sherman act but the federal Clayton act and a bunch of state laws.    Not sure why the plaintiff is taking that approach.

Complaint courtesy Courthousenews