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Three Cheers for Right to Repair!

October 28, 2008
We Won!!

We Won!!


As I mentioned in a previous post, trade associations are good place to get a sense of the market.  Thus, the news from New Jersey that the “right to repair” legislation passed the New Jersey Assembly.  The issues is that independent repair shops want the same right to information about the cars they repair that the car dealerships and manufacturers have.  Makes sense. 

From a business development standpoint, a couple things standout.  First, this might be news to pass along to any auto repair customers.  Even though this isn’t law yet, it might suggest to them the way to winning approval of this legislation in their state.  Second, perhaps there is a way to help the local guys get the information they aren’t getting from the manufacturers.  At least its a talking point for you to connect.  Remember, the more you understand your customers issues, the greater they will trust you.