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Window workers update: victory?

December 11, 2008

Good news: the workers get 60 days pay and vacation time.  More good news: if workers stand-up for their rights and get their message out, they can receive justice.

Bad news: the workers are out of jobs.  It requires workers to stand-up for their rights and get their message out to receive justice.

Its an imperfect world.


Window workers latest

December 10, 2008

An article from the BBC (they would have the best coverage!) suggests that BofA is willing to extend a loan to meet the workers’ demand for vacation pay and severance but no more.  And the workers are no dummies, remaining at the plant until they actually see the $$.  The other thing that galls me about the article is how the Gov’s scandal got all mixed up in this thrilling workers-take-back-their-power story.   The workers plight and their struggle should stand alone. 


“We’re worried about the employees first”

December 10, 2008

That was the line Bank of America was spewing today about the Republic Window and Door workers who were laid off on Friday because B of A cut off the company’s credit.   And the follow up?

“and we’ll worry about ourselves after.”

That’s a good one.  Do they think that anyone believes that if this strike hadn’t become a national rally point, that the bank would have backed down?   I guess they are taking a page out of the Bush playbook; re-write history.


Window workers update: Dec. 9th

December 9, 2008

An article in the Wall Street Journal reports that along with the state of Illinois which estimates its business with the bank amounts to hundreds of millions, now the City of Chicago is threatening to withhold its business from BofA.

Bank of America claims it can’t do anything about the situation because its up to the management of the company to manage its “obligations.”  Right…..

Wall Street Journal Article

Governor: No business with Bank of America

December 8, 2008

“In a sign of increased government leverage in the affairs of companies, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich said the state would stop doing business with Bank of America until it restored credit to Republic Windows & Doors, a company in Chicago that closed when the bank cancelled its credit line.”

Courtesy Scoop Independent News

Way to go Governor!

Window workers update: Day Four

December 8, 2008

A meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. today between workers and bank officials.

With President-elect Obama, Jesse Jackson and many others supporting this sit-in, finally maybe we’ve turned the corner on passivity in the face of corporate mismanagement, greed and indifference.   Previously, I spotlighted the DHL workers WARN lawsuit as an attempt to fight back but this workers action is even more promising and likely to produce quicker and better results.

Email to Bank of America CEO

December 7, 2008

Subject: Please keep the window factory running

Dear Mr. Lewis,

We all know that Bank of America got billions of taxpayer funds
expressly for the purpose of lending it to companies that need the
money to keep our economy running.  Therefore it is perplexing that
your company would choose to cut-off a company like Republic Window
and Door when they desperately needed the money to stay afloat during hard-times employed.

Please reconsider this course of action.  If your biggest concern is
your shareholder, consider that this heartless act which certainly
violated the spirit if not the letter of the bailout plan, will not
play well in the coming days and could cause your company to lose
whatever goodwill it has.  The money you save by cutting off Republic
Window is going to be lost in how it effects your stock price.


Randy Wilson

Window workers update

December 7, 2008

ACTION: Bailout Workers, Protest Bank of America, Mon, Dec 8th Charlotte 12-1pm‏

Bank of America, Recipient of $25 Billion in Bailout

Pulls Financing at Factory; 300 Workers Lose Jobs

Workers Occupying Factory Need your Support!

What: Picket to Demand Plant stay Open!

When: Picket at 12noon – 1pm, Monday, Dec 8th

Where:  Bank of America, Corner of Trade St and Tryon St, Charlotte

Background:  Bank of America controls the day to day finances of Chicago-based Republic Windows and Doors, LLC, closed its doors on Friday December 5th.  The company, in business since 1965, announced to its workforce that the Bank has ended its financing.  Republic has told workers that Bank of America has refused to allow payment of money owed under the WARN Act and vacation pay.  

Workers have been occupying their factory refusing to leave until Bank of America comply with federal and state WARN Acts which require 60 days notice before the closure of a workplace or 60 days pay in leiu of notice.  Bank of America received 25 billion in federal bailout funds yet still refuses to support these workers!

“Just weeks before Christmas we are told our factory will close in three days”, says Armando Robles, a maintenance employee and local union president, “taxpayers gave Bank of America billions and they turn around and close our company, we will fight for a bailout for workers.”

National television news networks CNN News and Fox are running reports on the following story involving the UE members in Chicago. Several national news media outlets have covered this fast-developing story; several links are provided below. More news to follow as it becomes available…

Daily kos comment

Laid off workers fight back

December 6, 2008

In Chicago, Bank of America tells a small window manufacturing company, Republic Window and Door factory, they are getting no more credit.  On Friday, the company shuts down telling the workers they are laid off and will not get earned vacation time or insurance coverage.  The company has been operating since 1965 and I’m sure many of the workers have been there for years.  The workers are refusing to leave the plant, staging a sit-in.

How about we all help them out with a little email to Mr Ken Lewis Chairman and CEO of Bank of America letting him know how we feel about Bank of America getting $15 billion of taxpayer money while he yanks the financing on a manufacturing company and leaving the workers with nothing?