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Trade Association Thursday: Retail

January 8, 2009


I’ve reference the National Retail Federation’s cheery holiday shopping statistics so I thought they would be a good candidate for a report card:

Overview:  The National Retail Federation NRF represents an industry with more than 1.6 million U.S. retail companies, more than 25 million employees – about one in five American workers – and 2007 sales of $4.5 trillion.

Associate members?  Yes, annual membership is anywhere from $500-8,000 for commercial entities. “B”

Public membership directory?  No, looks like you need a membership.  “D”

National conference?  Yes, and they provide a detailed conference schedule with helpful biographical information on the speakers.  “B+”

Subchapters?   Yes, NRF also represents over 100 state, national and international retail associations but not easy to find links to those associations on the main website. “C+”

Industry reports or news?   Excellent list of reports and news. “A”

Glossary?  A limited glossary of retail labor terms: “C+”

Provides a sense of the industry?  Excellent, from the detailed information about their annual conferences, news, reports and government relations, there is lots of information that provides a strong sense of the industry.  “A”

Overall:  The website isn’t that easy to navigate, partly because there is so much information and it appears to be a collection of other website with their own navigation but the content makes it worthwhile. “B+”

Sales tax refunds: new class action?

January 5, 2009

According to George Gombossy who tracks consumer complaints for the Hartford Courant, dozens of consumers have complained to him that stores like Home Depot and Wal-Mart have refused to include state sale tax on returned items.  I’m not clear if this applies to every state but in Connecticut at least its illegal to withhold state sales tax from returns.  I’m watching out for this issue as the next hot area for retail class actions.


Online retail down 3%

January 1, 2009

I’m not sure how accurate these surveys are but if online retail is down, then retail overall must be down even more.

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