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SoCal TV station investigating Scientology protest

March 10, 2009

KESQ has started an investigative report into the protests at the Scientology compound in Riverside County.  The first part gives a flavor for the protests, the passion on both sides that spilled over into the threat of violence.  The second part was somewhat incoherent, starting off talking about “Anonymous” a leaderless coalition of Internet hackers supposedly creating havoc with the Scientology’s IT infrastructure.  Then the piece veers into a discussion of Scientology practices and beliefs which mainly sounds weird but didn’t we already know that?

Part three sounds more promising.  The clincher of part two is,

“As the war between Scientology and a group of protestors heats up, Riverside County Supervisors are taking a stance.  But are they making decisions, based on propaganda? We’ll uncover who’s getting paid off. Our special series continues Wednesday night at 11.”

I can hardly wait!

Part one

Part two