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Chase credit card protection plan called a scam

July 14, 2009

“JP Morgan Chase and the Chase Bank abuse their so-called “Payment Protector Plan” by calling in loans and canceling enrollment for customers who are supposed to be protected by the plan, a class action claims in Federal Court.
     Chase claims its “Payment Protector Plan” protects credit cardholders who have lost their jobs or suffered a disability by freezing their monthly payments while Chase charges extra monthly fees. But if customers seek the protection Chase claims to offer the bank cancels the accounts and demands immediate payment in full, the class claims.”


Beware economic stimulus scams

March 3, 2009

This appears to be the latest Internet rip-off that’s causing the FTC to expose the practices in a news conference Wednesday.

News conference details

Craigslist scam watch: fake money orders

February 23, 2009

Police in Northern Arizona are warning people about a variation on a scam I posted about before.  The seller of an item gets a message from potential buyer, “Michael Armstrong” from England who sends two money orders and tells the seller to cash both money orders and return the excess amount via Western Union.  Typically, the money orders bounce after the seller has already sent the excess cash to Mr. Armstrong.


Craigslist scam watch: fake football tickets

January 23, 2009

Dozens of folks turned up for the NFC game in Glendale and were turned away because their tickets were counterfeit and guess what?  They had bought them on Craigslist. a legitimate ticket-seller seemed to relish the story as it re-inforces its messaging with their 100% ticket guarantee.  Their spokesman said, “I am surprised that many people got duped,” said Keith Pate, spokesperson for “But I’m not surprised knowing most bought off Craigslist.” 

This counterfeit scam could be even bigger for the upcoming Superbowl.

This article has some good tips on how to avoid being scammed.

Grandma Scam

November 26, 2008

Its the holidays which is feasting time for scam artists.  The FTC has identified a scam where someone calls an elderly person and either knows the name of their grandchild or manipulates the grandparent into revealing it.   They ask for the grandparent to wire money for: getting of out jail, fixing the car, fleeing to a foreign country.  Sometimes the scammer gets a third person into the act as bail-bondsman or police officer to confirm the story. 

FTC News Alert