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Google search results improvements

March 25, 2009

Google announced this week that it has improved its search results in a couple ways.  First, they are included suggested terms for a search query and second, they include longer snippets of data when you use more than three words for a search because its assumed that your search is complex and you will need longer snippets to determine if you received a helpful link. 

I want to focus on the first improvement as that’s one I’ve believed for a long time would improve Google.   The search giant works great when you are searching for specific information.  If I’m looking for the “Illinois chapter of  the American Allied Chemical Association,” I can get relevant results very quickly but say I don’t know anything about the chemical industry and want some help learning about the topic.  If I query on “chemical associations” Google hasn’t always done a good job, often returning similar kinds of result when in fact I might be interested in trade associations, academic associations, local associations, international associations. 

Now, they have added search terms that help me to focus my search on a particular facet of chemical associations.  In this example they do a good job of providing  suggested search terms covering various aspects of the chemical industry but interestingly they don’t provide links based on geographical distinctions.  There is no “international chemical associations.”  However, they do provide a link to “chemical engineers” as a search term which would take a searcher to academic disciplines.  Overall, good start.

Google announcement

Searchme: new approach to Search UI

January 21, 2009

This search engine takes a different approach.  The most unusual aspect is the results display which works like flipping pages in a book.  Rather than just getting a hyperlink with a few words of text, you get a screen shot of the entire page and can flip through them easily.  The other cool feature is that it circles the words you are searching for on the page display and still gives textual context at the bottom. At the top of the page it gives you handy categories to refine your search. 

Check it out.