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Social Media Conflicts at the Workplace

April 24, 2011

When is it okay for employees to take to Facebook and the like to complain about their workplace and isn’t it?  This isn’t an easy question to answer though more clarity should be coming down the road.  Here is a good article that does a good job of laying out the issues .

Why Your Company Should Have a Social Media Policy

Checkout this program which I will presenting on along with Jessica Braverman an employment attorney.  We will be addressing these issues in greater detail this Thursday, April 28th at Jack London Square in Oakland.

Court: Ex-Employee Can Blog About Employer

March 22, 2011

Add Cambridge Who’s Who Publishing Inc v Sethi to the growing list of decisions discussing the workplace policies and social media.  Here a New York State Court justice has ruled that an employee – even when governed by an employment contract to refrain from commenting negatively about the company and its products – has the right to alert the public about a possible data breach because it is a matter of public concern.

Here is a good summary of the case on its implications on employment law.