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Friendster for sale?

July 28, 2009

Reports are that Friendster (remember them?) , still popular in Asia but losing ground to Facebook is on the auction block.

“Popular-in-Asia social networking site Friendster is up for sale, according to banker documents obtained by TechCrunch. One of the earliest social networks, the company has been haunted by younger rivals, starting with MySpace, which became more popular in the US earlier this decade.”


Social Media Saturday: three twitter tools

February 28, 2009

I see these exhaustive and exhausting list of twitter tools and while they are useful, I think a lot of them are just untested lists.  Here  are three tools I’ve found indispensable:


I’m very blog-focused in my social media outreach so I like being able to stream this content into my twitter page and twitterfeed allows me to do that very easily. 


A subject-oriented directory of twitters that I’ve found useful to explore relevant industry sectors for people of interest.


I really like this interface and it has lots of flexibility.  Its set up in three panels and I currently use one panel for all friends, one for a legal group I’ve created and the last panel is a “buzz cloud.”

Social media: be afraid, don’t be afraid

December 19, 2008

This is a new ballgame.  The rules haven’t been defined, the penalties haven’t been assessed and the rewards haven’t been quantified. 

This posting talks about how a Businessweek editor released the magazines twitter addresses on his blog and the uproar it caused.  People were afraid they would be hit up for press releases.    But that’s the price of connectivity.  Some of the connection aren’t welcomed.   It is the price to be paid.  This paragraph sums up my opinion:

“Ethics, in this world of falling walls, are as important as ever. But following them doesn’t consist any longer of simply obeying three or four ironclad rules. Much is new. It’s more complicated. This means we have to struggle and think. The conflicts aren’t mapped out for us in black and white anymore. ”

It doesn’t matter whether you like social media or not.  It is here, it will be huge and you will have to play as a price of doing business.

Facebook valuation: From $15 billion to $4

December 5, 2008

Seems even the most popular of the social media sites are “facing” (ouch!) difficulties.

This story is ostensibly about how employees can’t sell their private shares of Facebook stock before the company goes public but buried in the details was the headline.