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Social networking ROI – coming soon?

January 18, 2010

Here is a link to a description of a course in, “Measurement and Analysis of Social Media Initiatives.”  I hope they get a paper published ASAP!

ROI for law firm blogging and social media

December 3, 2009

Kevin O’Keefe in “Real Lawyers have blogs” outlines basic questions for determining whether a law firm or lawyer is getting a return on investment for these efforts.  You can look at the post here.

While I think these are good questions to ask, it’s a dangerous proposition to limit social networking success to these questions.  A firm wouldn’t drop its PR effort simply because it can’t trace business back to this initiative.  Social networking is marketing: becoming visible, getting out the firm’s message, expertise, engagement in specific legal issues. 

Social networking is iterative: Keep looking at ways to improve outreach, messaging, design, use of technology and content repurposing.  Measuring ROI shouldn’t be about giving up on social networking.