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Solo practice: a pipe dream?

January 1, 2010

The blogger(s) over at “Big Debt Small Law” posted this hilarious rant against small law firm consultants holding out the promise of solo practice as the cure-all for what ails the poor law graduate who can’t find work and has way too much debt.

Bottom line: you will starve in solo practice.

Like most things this is true as is the opposite.  Statistically, you are probably more likely to starve than to be successful but that’s the same with any small business.  Most fail and some succeed.

But think about this: if your competition are the blogger(s) over at “Big Debt Small Law” you might have a fighting chance:

1.  Don’t let bitterness consume you.  The post is extremely funny and appears to be quite popular with others in the misery pool but how does all this bitterness help you to be a successful business person let alone a lawyer?

2.  This blogger(s) thinks that the world owes them a living.  That if you went to law school for three plus years, you should come out of it with a job having sent out a few resumes or set up a law office.  Just in case, they didn’t get the memo; we are in a deep doo-doo recession and everyone has to hustle.

3.  The only work out there for solos is document review, DUI defense and other “bottom-feeder” activity.  Really?  What if you develop a marketing plan for yourself that focuses on the type of law you would like to practice?  Maybe you would have to engage in document review and other “unsavory” practices to pay the bill.  It might take several years to build the practice you want for yourself but that’s called work.

4.  They think $595 is a rip-off?  First, given what they paid for law school, this is a pittance.  Next, I have no idea how good the program is.  BUT, whether you purchase a self-help book, a book on opening your own law practice, attend a CLE program on managing a small law office, you will spend money and you will have to take what you learn and apply it to your own life and business.  And guess what?  Being soaked and marinated in bitterness won’t make it any easier.

5.  I hope that the Big Debt, Small Law blogger(s) are shopping around a film script.  It would be a legal industry expose featuring lots of rants as in the film, “Network.”   They have real talent and the movie would be a laugh riot.  But if they have any hope of working as a lawyer, they might want to lay off the 5,000 word screeds and pick up the phone and reach out to their network.  Just saying.