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Concerns about class action service “SueEasy”

June 28, 2009

“…Sue Easy is a legal affiliate marketing site to which a number of law firms that specialize in filing class actions subscribe.  A matchmaker, if you will, between people who may have suffered trivial damages not worthy of an individualized suit, and the lawyers who want to aggregate their claims into big contingent fee payouts.”

“First, its marketing is deceptive, at least to the potential plaintiffs if not attorneys.  Sue Easy is not an online application where you can “file” “complaints” in a variety of “legal” categories.  These terms have very specific meanings.  “Filing” of a “complaint” means the the act of submitting a lawsuit to the clerk of a court, which brings the lawsuit into existence.  Any attorney knows that, but many laypeople do not.  A layman registering with Sue Easy may be lulled into believing that by typing his grief into a chatbox, he has “filed a complaint,” meaning that he has sued the parties who caused his misfortune, when nothing could be further from the truth.  The only “online applications” that allow “filing of complaints,” in the real sense, are federal PACER and similar state electronic filing systems.”