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SCOTUS to rule on workers’ electronic privacy

February 9, 2010

According to this article, the Supreme Court will hear a case this term, Ontario v. Quon where a police officer’s communication on his pager was reviewed by the City of Ontario.  Now as a public employee he has certain protections under the 4th amendment search and seizure provisions that aren’t shared by private sector employees.

However, hopefully the Supreme Court can clarify some of the confusing rules and conflicting case law that has arisen in the area of employee’s rights to privacy in the electronic communications arena.

Blogs get a call-out in Supreme Ct. decision

February 1, 2010

In the controversial decision lifting restrictions on campaign spending, the Supreme Court discusses the role of blogs in the political landscape for the first time.  Justice Kennedy asserted that the government could soon restrict blogs written by corporations while Justice Stevens in his dissent disagreed.

Wow, blogging has hit the big time, like when a vaudville act got to play the Palace Theater in New York.  Now that’s a reference at least Justice Stevens would get.