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CA Attorneys Beware Working in Coffee Shops

December 19, 2010

New California Bar Ethics opinion on whether an attorney violates rules of confidentiality by performing client work on an open wireless network.  The opinion makes clear that if the attorney has their own firewall and security loaded on their laptop, then performing this work may not be an issue.

What is less clear is whether the opinion is talking about wireless networks without any security or if the coffee shop requires a password, that would pass muster.  My guess is it would not because if the same password is available to all those working in the coffee, then this isn’t confidential.

Opinion here

Layoffs update: Merry Xmas!

December 24, 2008

No layoffs were listed in the business journals today though that’s not surprising since companies that lay folks off on Christmas eve aren’t real popular.  Perez Hilton commenting on rumours that Jan Werner of Rolling Stone let people go with the following comment:  What a scrooge!

But its not all good news today:

Survey: Tech firms freeze jobs, pay in 09

Okay, I guess I’m a scrooge for pointing that out.

Google product guy goes to Linkedin

December 11, 2008

I’ve felt for a long time that Google is an extremely successful one trick pony with no plan B.  If someone comes up with a technology that makes Google’s ad platfrom obsolete, there goes the company.

Now I’m not saying Linkedin is a Google killer but checkout this guy who is bailing.    Does he know something?


Hmmm…hot tech or paying job? You decide….

November 29, 2008

Survey by Accenture shows that, “more than half (56 percent of the mid-Millennials and two-thirds (67 percent of the older Millennials still in college claim that whether or not an employer has state-of-the-art equipment will ben an important factor when choosing where to work.”

That’s nice but trust me, if your company is on dial-up but they pay you every couple weeks?  You might not want to complain too much.