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Verizon sued for misrepresenting tax charges

February 19, 2009

Verizon claims that a tax called, “McTd sales tax” was a charge to the consumer.  According to this class action complaint filed in New York federal district court, the tax is actually owed by Verizon but the wireless carrier states that its a charge they are “required by law to bill customers.”  The complaint goes on to state that Sprint doesn’t pass this tax onto consumers saving them considerabley money.

Complaint courtesy Courthousenews

Lawsuit claims Qualcomm a monopoly

November 19, 2008

Because of their control over the CDMA market, the technology for most wireless communications, they can force manufacturers and others to adhere to long term anti-competitive contracts according to the lawsuit.   This isn’t a government investigation so it will be interesting to see the impact of the lawsuit.  Also, they aren’t suing under the federal Sherman act but the federal Clayton act and a bunch of state laws.    Not sure why the plaintiff is taking that approach.

Complaint courtesy Courthousenews