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Using Facebook while sick gets woman fired

April 29, 2009

“The unnamed woman said she had to be away from her monitor lying in the dark, but was then seen to be active on Facebook. Insurance company Nationale Suisse said in a statement that behavior had destroyed its trust in the employee.

“This abuse of trust, rather than the activity on Facebook, led to the ending of the work contract,” a spokesman for the firm said.

The woman admitted to having used Facebooked on her iPhone, but accused the insurance company of spying on her by sending a mysterious friend request that made the company see her activities. The company denied the accusation and said a colleague stumbled over her activity, before Nationale Suisse banned use of the popular site in the company.

But she said she is not suing the company and that she is happy to have gotten a neutral termination letter and doesn’t want to go back. “My trust for this employer is gone,” the 31-year-old woman told Swiss daily newspaper 20 Minuten. ”

If she were American she would have sued!