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Used auto tracker goes live Feb. 5th

February 3, 2009

The good news:

Finally, after years of struggle, consumers who purchase used cars will be able to access online data about the history of their car.  “Consumers now have access to the vehicle’s brand history, odometer data, and basic vehicle information and can be redirected to the current state of record to access the full title record if available.”

The bad news?   

This system, authorized by Congressed and develop by the Justice department, “will be accessible through third party, fee-for-service websites.”  Didn’t taxpayers pay for this database as authorized by Congress?  Should any consumer who wants to make sure the used car they just purchased isn’t “hot” be able to access this system at no cost?  Apparently, not.

FBI Press Release

Car Dealership Allegedly Defrauds Mental Ill Woman

October 29, 2008
Anyone Wanna a Lemon?

Anyone Wanna a Lemon?

Albuquerque Lincoln Mercury Volvo stands accused of selling a mentally ill woman who lived on her SSI of $500 a month, a used, damaged Lincoln Towncar for more than $21,000 on credit but of course at more than 6% APR.  The complaint alleges that someone at the dealership change her earnings to $3,000 a month.  Why do I think the dealership passed this loan off to someone else and that it was collateralized?  Doesn’t this sound like what happened with home loans?  I kinda want these charges to be false.  Can’t a used car salesman defy the stereotype?  See complaint for more sad details.  Thanks Courthousenews.