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Verizon has it both ways with social media

July 11, 2010

This article from the Sacramento Bee is a good overview of how companies are handling social media issues – both controlling workers use and taking advantage of its communications potential.

Is that the best they can do?

One of the examples is Verizon which allows its workers to utilize Facebook and Twitter to communicate with customers but blocks use of these sites internally.  Perhaps their IT department allows certain employees to access a third-party application which allows them to post information to Facebook or Twitter without actually logging into those social networking websites.

The article presents the various approaches companies are taking with social media policies without ever discussing the need for ongoing social media management.  Just as websites can’t be seen as static placeholders, the same goes with social networking.  Things are changing too quickly and companies need ongoing resources devoted to utilizing and updating social networking platforms, tools and workflows.

Verizon sued for misrepresenting tax charges

February 19, 2009

Verizon claims that a tax called, “McTd sales tax” was a charge to the consumer.  According to this class action complaint filed in New York federal district court, the tax is actually owed by Verizon but the wireless carrier states that its a charge they are “required by law to bill customers.”  The complaint goes on to state that Sprint doesn’t pass this tax onto consumers saving them considerabley money.

Complaint courtesy Courthousenews

Charter cable: $21 billion in debt

January 9, 2009

In this article about Charter’s lawsuit against Verizon for patent infringement it was this aside that caught my attention.  $21 billion.

That’s a lot of cable subscriptions!