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Adding Video to Social Media Outreach

October 15, 2010

Social Media Examiner has once again provided an invaluable “10 Steps” tips.  This time its about how to add video to your blog and by extension to your website.  The advice covers all aspects of shooting and disseminating video content

WordPress Rules!

Once again, the WordPress platform comes out on top because of the range, wealth and quality of plug-ins that allow you to take advantage of new technology and SEO.  Websites are quickly morphing into social networking hubs and having an open source platform like WordPress allows you take advantage of the latest trends without having to re-code your website.

Skype as a Video Recording

Today’s Friday Freebie feature (see below) is a free Skype video recorder that will allow you to take advantage of Internet calls for purposes of recording and disseminating video.  I would be concerned with quality but I’m not sure that short, punchy videos of marginal quality hurt you.  Just make sure the content is powerful enough and that you don’t use it if you need to post a video of several minutes or more.  The rule about quickly glanceable web content applies even more so to video content – keep it short.

Video, Video, Video

July 5, 2010

Technology is making video easier and easier and cheaper and cheaper.  Even solo practitioners are going to be able to easily provide custom video from their website and its going to tell powerful stories.  Here are is a link to some developing options in the video world.

Video coming to Wikipedia

June 22, 2009

“Wikipedia contributors will soon be able to access and add video to articles, MIT Technology Review reports.

The change will come in 2-3 months and is will initially draw from only three repositories. But the idea is to encourage content providers to put more video into the public domain via the vast online encyclopedia.

Eventually the means to search out the entire web for importable videos, and to edit and modify them as Wikipedia text already is.”


Friday Freebie: Video Tips on SEO

October 31, 2008

My first video insert!  No talking heads, just cool free urls.  Thanks Rich, whoever you are!