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Prediction for 2011? More Lawyer Videos

December 30, 2010

Services unlike products are intangible.   If I want a phone with Android software, I can go to a phone store and try out the various options.  But typically, I can’t test out a lawyer without paying for them.  Some offer 30 minute of free consultation but that’s quite a commitment.  I’d rather be able to look at their website and figure out if I like and trust them but cold text doesn’t give me much information.

Video, video, video

Increasingly, attorneys are turning to videos and I think the improvement in video technology and their popularity will fuel the video trend begun last year and ramp up the use of video in 2011.  A few signs of this trend:

Video for lawyer seminars

Google Videositemaps

Ease of making professinal videos


Lawyer websites and videos

June 13, 2010

This post from the Official Google Webmaster blog about how to maximize the benefits of videos for SEO purpose, brings home the issue of lawyers including videos on their website.  Here are five tips on this subject.

1.  Provide valuable information in your videos. Don’t just post a “welcome to my website” video on your home-page.  Discuss a pressing issue that your law firm handles and successfully resolves for clients on a regular basis.

2. Create a YouTube channel for multiple videos.  This will allow you to extend the value of your videos and drive people from Youtube to your website.

3. Make sure your video incorporates the look and feel you want your law practice to convey. If you want to appear hip, that’s one thing.  If you want to look trustworthy and professional, that’s another.  Your videos need to be consistent with your overall marketing messaging.

4.  Multipurpose your videos: Give out links or information about upcoming events or encourage people to sign up for a white paper that gives them more details about the topic.

5.  Make sure your website platform is very video friendly. For example, the WordPress platform makes it very easy to incorporate video within your web-pages.

Incorporating multi-media into marketing efforts

January 6, 2010

YouTube and online videos are relatively inexpensive and popular.  For lawyers, it makes sense to think about incorporating them into marketing campaigns.  Here is an example of an attorney utilizing a “video blog.” 

But start with the goals and objective first.  And its not enough to say, “I want to become more visible.”  You need follow-up and ask who do you want to see your videos and what do you want them to think or do once they see them?  Then you can determine what you want the video(s) to be about and how professional should they look.  Do research on what other lawyers are doing with videos and how they are doing it.  Finally, make sure its easy to embed videos into your website so that you can drive traffic to them.