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Weirdest lawsuits of 2008

December 27, 2008

Gary Slapper from the UK’s Times Online, provides his top ten weird legal cases for the year.  These are international lawsuits which is encouraging news for those of us who think that the litigious nature of the United States give us a monopoly on this category.  Here are my favorites off the list:

#10.  The body builder fined for grunting.   My interest here is that his grunting was as loud as a train arriving at a tube station.

#8.  The residents of Lesbos who sued to get exclusive rights to the term, “Lesbian.”

#4.  Florida boy escapes fine for showing 4 to 5 inches of his boxer shorts because the judge ruled the anti-sagger law unconstitutional.  Isn’t there a higher law for fashion crimes?

#2  The belly dancer fined for leaving her car engine running in a restricted parking zone.  Seems that the heat from the engine was necessary to keep the snakes used in her act awake.  She avoided the fine but probably because the novelty of her excuse rather than the successful defense of her violation.

Entire list here: