Yellow pages still going strong

A recent study shows that when looking for a local business, consumers turn to print Yellow pages first, 48% of the time while search engines are used by 21%.  Only in the 18-34 demographic is the search engine most frequently used and then its only by about 7%.  In the 35 and older (my demographic) the Yellow pages are used by 54% versus 17% for search engines.

I haven’t looked at a Yellow pages in years.  Makes me feel so hip.

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2 Responses to “Yellow pages still going strong”

  1. Stephanie Hobbs Says:

    Many of the small businesses ads you’re getting from search are coming from the Yellow Pages publishers, via their Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) distribution arrangements. In 2007, US consumers referenced both print and IYP over 17 billion times. And if you’re using an iPhone, is one of your options for finding the right business to meet your needs. So you’re hip AND you’re using the Yellow Pages. Full disclosure, I work for the Yellow Pages Association and for more information about the YP, go to

  2. Allen Says:


    I think you mean YellowBook as the iPhone default search application. At least that’s what my iPhone and my friends phones came with.

    I agree I am a techie and am surprised I find myself using my yellowBook app on my phone when on the go looking for local items or services.

    I have also caught myself picking up their paper book instead of firing up the computer and waiting. Maybe when the solid state drives and processors become “instant on” will I look more on line for local service.

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