Bizarre food poisoning lawsuit

There is nothing unusual about experiencing food poisoning from eating fish at a restaurant. But Donna Schroeder’s symptoms went beyond the typical diarrhea, vomiting and fatigue.  Her sense of hot and cold were reversed.

“Whatever I touched, if it was hot, it would feel cold. If it was cold, it felt hot,” Schroeder recalled. “I couldn’t walk on the tile floor. It felt like it was burning me.”

This condition called, ciguatera fish poisoning, is nearly unknown in the U.S.  Donna’s doctors hadn’t a clue what was going on but it affects anywhere from 50,000 to 500,000 people annually worldwide.   Donna is suing both the restaurant that served the fish and the fish market that supplied. 

This article contains a sidebar listing the fish most likely to be subject to this poisoning.


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