FTC announces crackdown on phony charities

The Federal Trade Commission, together with dozens of state law enforcement officials, will announce “Operation False Charity,” a crackdown on fraudulent telemarketers who falsely claim to be soliciting money on behalf of police, firefighters, and veterans charities, at a press conference at FTC Headquarters Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 11 a.m. The sweep includes cases brought by the FTC and state enforcers, as well as tips for consumers on how to avoid charity scams.

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One Response to “FTC announces crackdown on phony charities”

  1. Ellen T. Says:

    This is long overdue. But police, firefighters, and veterans charities aren’t the only organizations scammers claim to be collecting money on behalf of. Would-be donors should always verify and double check if a so-called charity even exists, and never, ever send cash or money to individuals claiming to work on behalf of charities.

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