Lawyers: cautiously approach social networking

Here is one of the many posts about how lawyers should approach social networking.  It’s written to a Canadian audience of attorneys and it appears to be written by a non-lawyer.  Here is a key quote:

“Like many organizations, law firms are concerned about confidentiality and liability issues, so your firm and individual lawyers require clear guidelines about the content to include in these communications.”

I don’t know the rules in Canadia regarding attorney advertising but this statement is misleading for attorneys practicing in the U.S.  Attorneys have to worry about additional concerns involving attorney client privilege and what constitutes engaging with a client that are above and beyond what non-attorney organizations must do.

Before you decide how to create a disclaimer, check with your state bar association and read their rules of professional responsibility.  If they don’t provide much assistance, then check the ABA model rules on professional responsibility as they may provide more clarity and most states have adopted very similar rules.

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