Scientology sued for violating minimum wage laws

The plaintiff is suing in Los Angeles Superior Court and claiming that he was employed by a division of Scientology and worked long hours for below minimum wage from 1989 until 2005.  The complaint further charges that the leaders of church claimed that as a religious institution they were exempt from wage and hour laws and that they used intimidation tactics on their employees to keep them in line.

My first question is why someone would work for long hours for so many years for so little pay?  I didn’t see any mention of whether the plaintiff was a member of the church at any time during his employment but that is the only way this makes sense to me.  That they “brainwash” member-employees into a kind of indentured servitude.

Awhile back I posted about a Scientologist dentist that required an office manager to attend Scientology trainings.  I wondered at that time why a professional like a dentist would so obviously violate ethical and legal considerations in that way.  But if the goal is to control the employee’s mind through religious indoctrination and make employees into willing pawns, this starts to make sense.


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5 Responses to “Scientology sued for violating minimum wage laws”

  1. Dave O'Maley Says:

    I can see that you are beginning to see that there is something very very sinister about the Church of Scientology.

    Currently, the cult has about 2000 voluntary slave-workers in what is called the Sea Org. About 200 of them voluntarily live in punishment camps called the RPF, located in England, Australia and the US. They do 8 hours of hard physical labor a day, plus 5 hours of ‘religious’ training (aka brainwashing, made to believe they are psychotic and have to come clean of their crimes). They are not allowed to talk to others and have to run everywhere. This setup is reminscent of the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment and stories of ex-members, including Mark Headley, confirm the RPF often degenerates into this kind of environment. If you show signs of attempting to escape, you are assigned to the RPF’s RPF, which is an actual prison, as is SP Hall where about 40 ex-members have been hold prisoner at a desert location since about 2003.

    Scientology is NOT an innocent UFO-cult for rich Hollywood stars. It is far, far worse than you hold possible.

  2. Randy Wilson Says:

    Thanks. I wonder if some of what you are talking about will be revealed in the course of the litigation of this case.

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