Social networking boon for data mining tools

This Computerworld article discusses a couple data mining tools that were created for law enforcement to track potentially criminal activity and the like.  However, these tool can purchased by customers for less upstanding uses.

The tools grab the bits and pieces of data about an individual and synthesize that information into a fuller profile.  More significantly, the tools tracks relationships between various IP addresses in order to evaluate various social relationships the person has with various entities.  As an example, they mention that one of the tools, Maltego, can compile a list of gmail users at the National Security Agency.

Competitive Intelligence: Exomind, another tool can track various activities between people so for example, it could observe a sudden rush of employees at a company giving and receiving LinkedIn recommendation which might signal that a company will shortly experience a layoff.

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  1. Feds sued for use of social networking « Reading Tea Leaves by Randy Wilson Says:

    […] This article cites public sources about how the federal government mentions its use of social networking for surveillance.  The article cites a situation where Secret Service had “immediately” spotted the opening of social networking profile by a wanted criminal.  How did they do this?  Using automated software like the kind I described in this post? […]

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