More workers being fired for social media misuse

According to a Proofpoint survey, 8% of employers fired a worker for violating social networking policies in 2009, up from 4% in 2008.  The one group of workers who should be fired are those whose job performance have suffered because of their on-the-job use of Facebook etc. at the cost of their employment duties.  I believe that many of these employees would have been terminated for poor performance on other grounds anyway.

But those employees who were terminated because they said something inappropriate on a blog or Facebook and the like probably could have kept their jobs if the employers had a training component to their social networking policy implementations.   This isn’t just bad for the employees but also the employers who might have an excellent employee whose indiscretion possibly deprived the employer of a highly valuable employee.

I have said many times that I believe the training component is critical to an effective social networking policy because if workers understand that their future ability to get promoted or be hired for a new job relies on appropriate and positive use of social networking this will automatically reduce the number of social networking policy violations.  Workers will be educated, trained and invested in their own use of social networking to advance rather than hinder their careers.

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