Fun with Big Law Websites

Fulton County Daily Report has some fun with big law firm websites in its First Annual Law Firm website awards — the Big Law Webbies.  This does seem like an easy target and you can read their catches here.  However, they make fun of Womble Carlyle for having a “furniture law blog” believing this blog unbelievably esoteric.  I disagree.

The biggest problem with this blog from my perspective is that the most recent posting is more than a month old.  But here four reasons why I think such a blog makes sense:

1.  Targeted to a specific audience: This blog is focused on an industry so furniture industry in-house counsel will be interested and probably some CEOs of furniture companies as well.

2.  Makes the firm standout from competing firms:  If I was a GC for a furniture maker, I would be  more impressed with a law firm that had a blog focused on my industry than firms that didn’t.

3.  Focused first on an industry rather than legal practice:  Given that a law firm’s clients are often GCs working in a specific industry, they are going to be interested in articles that pertain to legal issues in that industry.  Also, the blog tagline makes clear that the blog is covering intellectual property issues as they relate to the furniture industry.

4.  The furniture industry is big:  manufacturing alone produces more than $30 billion in the U.S.  Why shouldn’t it have a blog devoted to legal issues specific to its needs?

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