Will Attorney Bios Ever Be Fun to Read?

Maybe.  Carolyn Elefant who writes the legal marketing blog for Nolo.com posts about how the attorney bio has come a long way baby. In the old days of Martindale Hubbell monopoly, the attorney bio could be a fine print affair that wasn’t read but scanned for length – long meant impressive.

But as Carolyn says, the days of print are over and now attorneys must compete in the more open and engaging world of the web and social media.  She cites the law firm of Edelson McGuire, a Chicago plaintiffs firm has coming up with a more engaging bio format.  Their bios include personal information about favorite websites, music and pre-court rituals.  The bios also include the traditional credentials and recent cases approach so its a good mix.  The layout is also pleasing – making it easy on the eye to scan.

Will this format ever become the norm for corporate law firms?

Probably – the age of the i-Pad is upon us and everyone from GCs to grandmothers are looking for easier information consuming experiences.

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